Sorghum Varietie

About Us

Hg Img 0835Heartland Genetics was developed by a group of midwestern seedsmen who have 100 plus combined years of agricultural seed business experience throughout the great plains.

Heartland Genetics provides top quality Hybrid Grain and Forage varieties, specifically selected for the tough growing conditions of the high plains. 

Heartland Genetics offers an unrivaled, broad, dynamic grain sorghum product portfolio, treated whenever possible with Syngenta’s Concep® seed safener and Cruiser® insecticide bringing high yields, good standability, drought tolerance, insect resistance and more. On the forage side, we offer conventional and cutting edge technologies with the newest innovations of Brown Mid Rib livestock feed products. 

At Heartland Genetics, we will continue to select and research new seed varieties that will increase production and your bottom line. Let us, along with your local associate, help you position the right hybrids on your acres for a profitable and successful year. 

This year, we are excited to bring a new release to you. HG18-R is a very early Red Grain sorghum for early harvest or double crop situations. Testing on HG18-R have been outstanding! The balance of the Heartland Genetics lineup have been standing strong and delivering big yields for our Great Plains producers! 

It’s an exciting time to be in Agriculture with an equally exciting future ahead. We thank you in advance for considering Heartland Genetics Seed varieties.